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Frank Souhrada attorney conducts 1913 USA court proceeding in Czech language

Submitted by Jiri Souhrada
from: website

1913 Newspaper article from the website

Note from the webmaster:  I received a note recently from Jiri Souhrada notifying me that his son Pavel had located the above article from a digital archive file originally published in the newspaper Písecké Listy on September 7, 1913. Thanks to a translation from Vojta Souhrada, the article describes a 1913 trial in Chicago, Illinois with Judge Mr. Uhlíř, in the Municipal Section for the Home Affairs presiding, that a Mr. Václav Velkoborský, being accused of a crime by his wife was represented by the Czech Lawyer, attorney Mr. (Frank) Souhrada, (my grandfather). As it turned out, the judge, the accused and the attorney were all Czech, so the trial was conducted in the Czech language.  


(Also note that former Chicago mayor Anton Cermak is an ancestor of Vojta Souhrada who lives in the Czech Republic.)

For those of you who may be fluent in the Czech language, the website referenced by Pavel and Jiri may be very useful in searching for family genealogy records. The screenshot below shows the numerous articles available on-line when searching for the surname “Souhrada” on the above referenced website