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The History of Souhradaís in Bohemia (Now the Czech Republic)


by Jiri Souhrada

Pisek, Czech Republic 

14th Century


Records show that members of the Souhrada family may have lived in the region of Zahori and the town of Pisek during the 14th century. The region of Zahori includes Zahori, Jamny, Kasina Hora, Vlastec, Svatonice, D. Novosedly. The town of Pisek includes Vrcovice, Vojnikov, and Drzov.


Records from Dolni Novosedly (the Village of Novosedly) indicate the following:


- 1307 - Church and parsonage of St. Michael was built.
- 1354 - King Karel IV (Charles IV) wanted to establish a hospital and give St. Michael's Church to this hospital. However, this did not occur.
- 1356 - Czech kings gave the village of Zahori to the parson of St. Michael's Church. The church was Hussite-Catholic until the 15th century.

15th Century


No records of the Souhrada family were found for the 15th century.

16th Century


In the 16th century fanner ("grass people") who lived in the woods around the village of Pisek were taxed for cows and goats. They were taxed oats (93 litr), hens, cheese, eggs, and a little money. From 1540 to 1555 in the Village of Novosedly the families of Blahout, Krai, and Mensik paid taxes of hens, cheese and 40 eggs. - In the Village of Svatonice, Svatonsky, Zejdl, Pavlovic, Hochnik and Marny paid taxes of 5 hens, 5 portions of cheese, and 50 eggs. - In the Village of Vlastec, Petr, Zak, Sarhan, Kriz, Sopek, Janek, Hroch, Koteci and Riha paid taxes of 9 hens, 8 portions of cheese and 80 eggs. - In the Village of Kasina Hora, the persons/families Blazek, Humpal, Safranek, Novacek and Slaby paid taxes of 5 hens, 10 cheese and 100 eggs. - In the village of Tresne (meaning Cherry), Hradek, Mares, Pavel, Rax, Jan, Tuma, Vanek, Stech, Jan Karpisek, Kotlin and Hrubec paid taxes of 10 hens, 10 cheese and 90 eggs. - In the Village of Jamny, Slama, Humpal, Mech, SOUHRADA, Lechn yr, Spura, Stech, Hlavaty, Blaha, Brejcha, Dacek, Vanek and Hroch paid taxes of 12 hens, 12 cheese, and 110 eggs.


In the 16th century men from Svamberk and Orlik became the new owners of Zvikov Castle.

17th Century


The following are records of Zikov Castle from the 17th century:

- 1612 - During this year in the area of Zvikov the farm Zahori became the farm Ujezd.

- 1662 - The Ujezd farm was purchased by men in Orlik. In 1880  it became part of the county of Prachen in the district of Pisek.

- 1615 to 1700 - Agriculture crops were poor



In the village of Jamny a farmer named Rehor SOUHRADA lived with 48 hectares, 3 horses, 2 bulls, 3 cows, 4 cow mothers, 3 sheep 2 pigs.


THE VILLAGE OF NOVOSEDLY (from the Museum Archives in Pisek, Dr. August Sedlacek.)


There were 5 houses in the Village of Novosedly in the year 1790, 25 houses in the year 1840, and 28 houses in the year 1890. The population in 1890 was 247 with 115 men and 132 women.


- April 17, 1709, in the village of Novosedly, the farm comprised of houses #2 & #3, was sold by Mikulas Deym to the church in Zahori.

- October 2, 1797, JAN KOMAS SOUHRADA (the son of Jan Komas) and his wife EVA SOUHRADA (Hrubec) STYBLOVA inherited the farm in the village of Novosedly.

- November 24, 1826, FRANTISEK SOUHRADA (the son on Jan Souhrada Komas) and his mother EVA SOUHRADA (Hrubec) inherited the farm in the village of Novosedly.

- November 30, 1840 MATEJ KOMAS SOUHRADA and his wife a ANNA became the new owners of house #2 in Novosedly while JAN KOMAS SOUHRADA and his wife BARBORA SOUHRADA (Hahn) became the new owners of house #3. Family tradition says that Jan Komas and Barbora SOUHRADA emigrated to the United States in 1881.

- January 17. 1866 FRANTISEK SOUHRADA and ANNA SOUHRADA became the new owners of house #2 at the farm in Novosedly.

- June 4, 1866, JAN SOUHRADA and MARIE SOUHRADA (Talafous) became the new owners of house #3.

- May 7. 1882, Jan SOUHRADA and Marie Souhradova inherited the Novosedly farm including houses #2 and #3.


Jan Souhrada died in 1913. At this time son, JOSEF SOUHRADA and his wife ANNA SOUHRADOVA inherited the farm in Novosedly. Josef (senior) Souhrada died in 1946.


When Anna Souhrada died in 1950 the farm was inherited by Franticek, Josef (junior), Marie and Anezka. Frantisek, Josef, Marie and Anezka are no longer living.

Dolni Novosedly 2 - Typical house in village where the Souhradaís once lived


Country house from 1836 Vrcovice in Pisek, Bohemia