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Notes from an interview with Mrs. Elizabeth “Libbie” (Souhrada) Kinchner (1897-1995)
derived January 6, 1990 from a visit to Mrs. Libbie Kinchner's home, 720 21st Ave., East Moline, IL
Source: Interview with Libbie documented by Velma and Barbara Flynn

Elizabeth Souhrada Kinchner, born 24 Oct. 1897 in Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Elizabeth "Libbie" moved to
Terry, Montana in the early 1900's with her father and siblings.  Her mother had died [reportedly of tuberculosis].  Through Frank Souhrada, Libbie's uncle who was an attorney [Francis C. Souhrada], they homesteaded there.  They traveled there by train.  Libbie said she remembers her father getting off of the train in the Dakotas.  It frightened her and her brothers and sister because they were afraid he wouldn't get on again by missing the train.  They built a home on Cherry Creek (she calls it a ranch) around 1908.  She missed a year of school.  When she did go to school she went to Miles City.  Her father, John, worked at the State Industrial School as head of tailoring.  Uniforms for reform school were made there.  Both brothers were in the war.  Libbie graduated from high school in 1917.  Her father, John, donated land for a school known as Souhrada school.  She taught there for a year.  She then went to Cedar Rapids and lived with her Aunt Mary’s [? Mary Kolarik] family.  She worked as a stenographer and helped out financially.

Mr. Kinchner died 20 January 1946



1920 census: Miles City School District; State Industrial School; Custer Co., Montana; ED35

Souhrada, John; head, age 52; ....illegible.....looks like he might have said Montana was his place of birth and that he was a tailor.