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A letter from Frank C. Souhrada (1871-1964) to his sister “Nettie” Souhrada Kosek (1878-1968)
dated about 1956

Cedar Lake, Indiana


Mrs. Charles Kosek

1305 2nd Street S. W.

Cedar Rapids, Iowa


Dear Sister Nettie:

This is a nice summer morning.  I just got thru with my coffee and still in my undershirt at the table of my summer kitchen, searching my mind on what to write that would be of interest to you.

In the first place, I am still enjoying my life-long health, never had a sick day in the eighty eight years of my life, the good (lord) be praised and thanked. I am considering a problem, of selling my fifty two acres for which I have turned down twenty thousand dollars, while I have no reason to sell, having on deposit in the bank enough money to last me for my days.

I still am anxious to make the trip to Europe, and may be some day you will receive a card from novo sedla kraj Pisek.  I am at that state of life when it hard for me to find something to do.  I am about to place an advertisement in the paper, “An experienced lawyer, public or private law practice, will accept position, salary least considered.”  If I land a job it will at least occupy my mind and to feel natural.

I am here alone, without any thing to do; this for me is not natural. The only thing that happened here was the passing away of Frank Albin, Helen’s husband, a couple of weeks ago.  He left him surviving, Helen, Mike age thirteen, and Susan age eleven. I just can’t know what shape he left his family in, but he was ever more than considerate of his family.  Helen moved away and I haven’t her address.  But wherever she is she knows that she has a dad, so that no news is good news.

I will be thinking but not promising to make a trip to Cedar Rapids. Helinko!!!  You do not know and can’t imagine the torture of lonesome life. I enjoy the friendship of Mrs. Michalec, who I have been visiting for many years, met her as a client, she has been very tolerant of me, and looking forward to his (?) marriage, after which she has me in mind.  I have looked after her financial affairs so long that she does not know how or where to place her income.  With her for a good friend I found always some consolation – to be continued in the next. 

Your brother Frank


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I feel that you would enjoy reading a longer letter.  I hope I can think of more to write. I believe that you have been on my place, and remember the location.  It lies on or within a hundred feet of the shore of Cedar Lake.  I have a grove of trees in the east, and a thriving about two acres on top of hill where the house stands the rest is low land.  The place is growing not being well populated.  One day I counted the number of vehicles that past the place and I counted fifty-four vehicles pass in five minutes, and looks to me to soon become a suburb of Chicago.  I am afraid that I am getting to write too much about myself.  But, when I look thru the window of my summer kitchen, and view the expanse of my 52 acres, I feel a sense of gratitude to the good Lord for the material value of one of the Souhrada’s with the hope I will always retain it.  All, for which I am grateful to Him, who is the creator of all things.

So far I have been writing unwashed and undressed, so I will close this letter, wash and dress and see what is to be done for the balance of the day.

Wishing to you, my baby sister, the most of the best.


Yours – Brother Frank