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Crystal Merrill named one of the top 30 Winners of the Fuji film Catch and Release Contest

2006 Top 30 Winner Crystal Merrill Age 10 of Lynnwood, WA

According to Crystal’s mom and dad, Bill and Jeannette Merrill, the above photo was taken when they took a trip back to Riceville, IA to see their folks Gordon & LaRae Kleckner.

Crystal is shown at the local fishing hole at Lake Hendricks Park, with Jeanette in the background.

This little bass got to live to be caught another day. She received a shirt, hat and a couple of instant cameras.

Crystal Merrill is the daughter of Bill and Jeanette Merrill, granddaughter of Harold W. and LaRae Merrill, and great-granddaughter of George “Delbert” and Anna (Souhrada) Merrill