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Todd Souhrada releases album: Allison resident sings country and gospel

From an article in the Butler County Tribune Journal (August 9, 2017)   By Bethany Carson
Note: Todd Souhrada is the son of Dalyn Souhrada, grandson of James Souhrada, great-grandson of Vaclav Souhrada

Todd Souhrada of Allison recently released his first album, Souhrada Country, with a mix of original country and gospel songs.

“There are so many things I want to do. Life is too short, and it gets away from people,” Todd Souhrada said.

Souhrada, a Lieutenant commander in the Navy and retired state trooper, just released his first album this July. Each song in the album tells a little about his life. “I’d always be singing with the radio on working on the farm,” Souhrada said. “I wrote my first song on spring break in 1987 when I got the tractor without the radio. I was the radio. When I ran out of music, I wrote the song ‘Get a Love.’”  He scribbled down the words to his first song in 1987 while his tractor was unloaded. But he wasn’t ready to pursue a career in music yet. He had a wife and kid and had to make a living, so he followed his dream of serving in law enforcement. He was a state trooper for 23 years, and has served in the navy for the past 19 years.