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1986 - Souhrada Family Celebrates their 6th Annual Reunion
   Davis Corners Restaurant and The Town Hall, Saratoga, Iowa
   August 2nd and 3rd, 1986
   Hosted by Anna and Delbert Merrill, Emma Stevenson, & Frank Souhrada

The 6th Souhrada Family Reunion started its festivities over dinner on Saturday night at the Davis Corners Restaurant in lowa. Twenty-eight family members enjoyed an evening of good food and fellowship.

During the evening Anna Merrill read letters received from members who were not able to attend. The following day sixty-nine family members gathered at the Saratoga Town Hall for our potluck dinner and fellowship. It was a joyful gathering, a day of fun, fellowship and laughter. Thirty-two of the sixty-five attending were with us for the first time. Greeting and sharing with these first attendees added to the excitement of the day.

By Leota Campbell

Phyllis & Dalyn Souhrada, LaVonne & Lester Noska, Viola Noska, Donna & John Urman

To view the entire picture album from this year's reunion, click here.

The following family members attended this year’s reunion: 

FLORIDA: *Bonnie Campbell & niece *Sarah Schiffert - Miramar

COLORADO: *Frank & *Dorothy Souhrada - Greeley

ILLINOIS: *Jeanie Frenze and son *Chip Frenze - Western Springs and Lester & LaVonne Noska - Springfield

IOWA: *Marvin Jr. and *Ardith Gronwoldt & daughters *Sheila, *KarIa & *Tamyra - Riceville

Marvin Sr. & Marlys Gronwoldt - Riceville

Mary Ann Goldsmith & grandsons *Jerinie Williams & *Ryan Akers - Decorah

*Gary & *Rosemary Knutson - Decorah

Viola Leslie - Lime Springs

*Cyrrel & *Elaine Radchel - Grundy Center

*Harold & *Darlene Seidel & children *Michelle & *Brian - Riceville

Dalyn & Phyllis Souhrada & children Aaron, Eric, Todd & Rachel - Lime Springs

Emil & Ardis Souhrada & daughter Marcia Nagel - Chester

Frank Souhrada - Cresco

Jerry & Linda Souhrada & children, *Lance & *Jessica - Cresco

Johnny & Hope Souhrada - Lime Springs

Mary Joe & Emilie Souhrada - Waverly

Dave & Janel Stephens - Eldridge

Emma Stevenson & *Ted Williams & son *Joshua - Waterloo

*Duane & *Donna Van Heide - Allison

MINNESOTA: George & Leota Campbell - Bloomington

Delbert & Anna Merrill - Spring Valley

*Richard & *Marilyn *Jeffry,*Becky,*Ruth,*Rachel,*Daniel & *Sarah Merrill - Spring Valley

Viola Noska - Park Rapids

Jane Souhrada & Ernie Gunderson - Minneapolis

*Wayne Souhrada - Sargent
Johnny, Donna & son Mark Urman - Long Prairie


* Attending for the first time

Early morning risers enjoy fishing in the quarry and Dalyn and Phyllis Souhrada's farm