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1988 - Souhrada Family Celebrates their 8th Annual Reunion
   at the Tower Club, Cresco, Iowa
   August 6th, 1988
   Hosted by Dalyn and Phyllis Souhrada and Leota Campbell

All who attended this 8th annual Souhrada family reunion at the Tower Club in Cresco, Iowa had a delightful time. This was the first time we have met in a restaurant where our meal was served to us. In past reunions we all enjoyed the delicious potluck meals but we had to prepare the dining room for this - and then there was the cleaning up afterward.

This year we all came as guests. The dining room and dinner was prepared for us to enjoy and enjoy we did along with the delight that comes from getting together with the family again. A great event of the evening was listening to our family members being interviewed by Anton Vanicek as he videotaped them. What a blessing for us to have the joy of this 8th reunion recorded!


Elizabeth Wosoba Vanicek, 92, from Oxford Junction, Iowa was the oldest member attending and her granddaughter, Elizabeth Vanicek of Muskego, Wisconsin was the youngest. Willie Souhrada of Joshua, Texas, traveled the greatest distance.

By Leota Campbell

To view the entire picture album from this year's reunion, click here

29 Souhrada family members gathered at the Tower Club Restaurant, Cresco, Iowa

Leota Campbell - Edina MN

Gordon Flynn - Davenport IA

Velma Flynn - Davenport IA
Marvin Gronwoldt - Riceville IA

Marlys Gronwoldt - Riceville IA

Gary Knutson - Decorah IA

Rosemary Knutson - Decorah IA

Viola Leslie - Lime Springs IA

Delbert Merrill- Spring Valley MN
Anna Merrill - Spring Valley MN

Marcia Nagel - Chester IA

Viola Noska - Park Rapids MN
Charlie Souhrada - Preston MN

Dalyn Souhrada - Lime Springs IA

Phyllis Souhrada - Lime Springs IA

Emil Souhrada - Chester IA

Ardis Souhrada - Chester IA

Jane Souhrada - Minneapolis MN

John Souhrada - Lime Springs IA

Hope Souhrada - Lime Springs IA

Todd Souhrada - Cedar Falls IA

Karen Souhrada - Cedar Falls IA

William Souhrada - Joshua TX

Emma Souhrada - Waterloo IA

Anton Vanicek - Muscatine IA

Elizabeth Wosoba Vanicek - Oxford Junction IA

John Vanicek - Muskego WI

Nelda Vanicek - Muskego WI

Elizabeth Vanicek - Muskego WI

(Seated) Velma Flynn, Elizabeth, Nelda, and Elizabeth A. Vanicek (Standing) Gordon Flynn, John and Anton Vanicek