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1989 - Souhrada Family Celebrates their 9th Annual Reunion
   at the Legionnaire Ballroom, Oxford Junction, Iowa
   August 13th, 1989
   Hosted by Elizabeth, Anton, John, and Nelda Vanicek; Velma and Gordon Flynn

This was a joyful reunion for our Souhrada family but it also held the sadness of losing one of our precious family members, Elizabeth Wosoba Vanicek. The Lord took Elizabeth home to be with him about two weeks before this reunion. She was the mother of three of our very active members, Velma Flynn and John & Anton Vanicek. Elizabeth & her family had organized this 9th reunion, and her family though greatly missing her, graciously hosted it. We are blessed with delightful, happy memories of being with Elizabeth. She is and will be missed by all of us.

Elizabeth was a great addition to our family reunions. She had attended Souhrada Reunions held a generation ago in area’s around Oxford Junction, Strawberry Point, IA and others, and shared the joy of attending them with us. Jane Souhrada knew of her and sent her and her family an invitation to attend our 3rd Souhrada reunion. They came and have played an active part in our reunions ever since. Some of us who arrived early for our reunion met with Elizabeth’s daughter, Velma Flynn and one of her sons, Anton Vanicek to tour the Mayflower Cemetery near Oxford Junction where many of our Souhrada family members have been laid to rest. From the cemetery some of us gathered with a few other members of Elizabeth’s family at Elizabeth’s home in Oxford Junction. Her home held an atmosphere of love, peace and joy that penetrated though her home. Though she wasn’t there to welcome us her family made us feel perfectly at home as we all fixed ourselves a meal in her kitchen. That afternoon was spent delighting ourselves by going though the genealogy and family pictures of our Souhrada family that Elizabeth had collected through the years.

Our reunion was scheduled to start at noon on Sunday but some of us gathered for a sharing time over breakfast at one of the restaurants in the area. From there we moved on to the Legionnaire Park where our 9th Reunion took place. We were greeted with delightful music being played by the Oxford Junction Polka Band who played for our listening enjoyment before our noonday meal. Pastor Wane Souhrada led us in prayer, thanking our Lord Jesus for his love for us, the joy of the day and for our food. After our meal Leota Campbell spoke a bit about the importance of our reunions and preserving our Souhrada heritage. She spoke of the terrible conditions some of our Souhrada families in the Czech Republic lived through during the 2nd World War when both German and then Russian troops moved into their country. Some family members did not survive but those who did preserved what they could of our Souhrada heritage.

Our reunions are meant to bring us together as a family to grow closer together as we share our faith and how we handle the good and bad things that are happening in our lives. This is the heritage we pass on to our next generation. Leota also interviewed Arthur Souhrada for two reasons; one to honor him for being the oldest family member in attendance and the other to speak in remembrance of his father, Michael, an unforgettable member of this family. It was evident in Michael’s life that he loved our Souhrada family and family gatherings and kept many of us informed about the happenings of our family through either his letter writing, or a visit. He was our ‘Souhrada Family News Letter' back then.

We had had a joy filled day and when the reunion was over and it was time to leave many pictures were taken for a remembrance of the day and those who shared it with us.

By Leota Campbell

Leota Campbell, Viola Noska, Viola Leslie, Jane Souhrada, LaVonne Noska

To view the entire picture album from this year's reunion, click here.

88 Souhrada family members gathered at Legionnaire Park, Oxford Junction, Iowa

Joyce Behrends - Montocello IA
Virgel Behrends - Montocello IA
Leota Campbell - Bloomington MN
John Chesney - Zwingle IA
Maureen Currier - Davenport IA
Barb Erickson - Davenport IA
Mark Erickson - Davenport IA
Nathan Erickson - Davenport IA
Leah Erickson - Davenport IA
Danny Feuss - Oxford Junction IA
Mona Feuss - Oxford Junction IA
Barb Flynn - Davenport IA
Paul Flynn - Davenport IA
Jon Flynn - Davenport IA
Anne Flynn - Davenport IA
Gordon Flynn - Davenport IA

Velma Flynn - Davenport IA

Mike Flynn - Davenport IA

Tom Flynn - Davenport IA

Betsy Flynn - Davenport IA
Sarah Flynn - Davenport IA
Hannah Flynn - Davenport IA
Kathy Flynn -Davenport IA
Peter Flynn - Davenport IA
Rick Flynn - Davenport IA
Gretchen Flynn - Davenport IA
Whitney Flynn - Davenport IA
Marlys Gronwoldt - Riceville IA
Edna Henningsen - Onslow IA
Gary Knutson - Decorah IA
Rosemary Knutson - Decorah IA
Aaron Johnson - Decorah IA
Ryan Johnson - Decorah IA
Lisa Johnson - Decorah IA
Viola Leslie - Lime Springs IA
John Vanicek - Muskego WI

Patricia Lyon - Wyoming IA
Nelda Vanicek - Muskego WI

Anita Mason - Maquoketa IA
Richard Mason - Maquoketa IA
Anna Merrill - Spring Valley MN
Diane Netcott - Alexandria, VA
LaVonne Noska - Springfield IL
Lester Noska - Springfield IL
Viola Noska - Park Rapids MN
Ann Payton - Anamosa IA
Anna Souhrada - Preston MN

Charlie Souhrada - Preston MN

Charles Souhrada - Chicago IL

Dalyn Souhrada - Lime Springs IA

Phyllis Souhrada - Lime Springs IA

Dave Souhrada - Manawa WI

Liz Souhrada - Manawa WI

William Souhrada - Manawa WI

Jane Souhrada - Minneapolis MN

John Souhrada - Lime Springs IA

Hope Souhrada - Lime Springs IA

Joseph Souhrada - Apple Valley CA

Michael Souhrada - Le Claire IA

Penny Souhrada - Le Claire IA

Laura Souhrada - Chicago IL

Ted Souhrada - Iowa City IA

Becky Souhrada - Sargeant MN

Wane Souhrada - Sargeant MN

Jonathan Souhrada - Sargeant MN

Kelby Souhrada - Sargeant MN

Janel Stephens - Eldridge IA

Peter Stange - Walnut IA

Amy Ulferts - Walnut IA

Kristine Ulferts - Walnut IA

Bob Vacek - Wyoming IA

Janet Vacek - Wyoming IA

Lillian Vacek - Oxford Junction IA

Jim Vacek - Oxford Junction IA

Kathy Vacek - Oxford Junction IA

Greg Vacek - Oxford Junction IA

Lori Vacek - Oxford Junction IA

Rod Vacek - Oxford Junction IA

Ronda Vacek - Oxford Junction IA

Anton Vanicek - Muscatine IA

Elizabeth Vanicek - Muskego WI

Betty Willimack - Oxford Junction IA

Edwin Willimack - Oxford Junction IA

Dale Willimack - Oxford Junction IA

Janine Willimack - Oxford Junction IA

Eric Willimack - Oxford Junction IA

Dana Willimack - Oxford Junction IA

Jayson Willimack - Oxford Junction IA

Hanna, Betsy and Tom Flynn, Diane Willimack Netcott, Anton Vanicek, Edwin and Betty Willimack