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1992 – The 12th Souhrada Family Reunion
  Saturday, August 8th, 1992 Dinner at Flap Jack’s Restaurant, Maquoketa, Iowa

  Sunday, August 9th, 1992 Maquoketa Community Center, Maquoketa, Iowa

  Hosted by Anton, John, and Nelda Vanicek; Velma, Barbara, and Gordon Flynn; Anita Meade and Leota Campbell

This past year Frank Souhrada Ill and his wife Linda traveled to the Czech Republic in hopes of finding his ancestor’s origins - resulting in the finding of the ancestral Souhrada home Dolni Novosedly #2, and this led to the finding of his 3rd cousin, Jiri Souhrada. For this great find Frank, Linda, and Anton Vanicek traveled back to our homeland to meet Jiri, his wife Vera and their two sons. There was excitement in the air Saturday night at Flap Jack’s Restaurant when 15 Souhrada family members gathered for dinner. Jiri and Vera had made their first trip to the USA especially to be at our reunion. They were as anxious to meet all of us, as we were to welcome them.

That excitement continued as about 100 Souhrada family members gathered the next day at the Community Center in Maquoketa, Iowa for our noon meal. The majority of these Souhrada’s at this reunion were descended from Matej Souhrada, born in 1796 and Anna Stara Souhrada, born in 1798, who were also from Dolni Novosedly #2 of the district of Pisek in Bohemia. Two of their sons, John and Matej, immigrated to the USA in the late 1880’s and eventually settled in Oxford Junction and Calmar, Iowa respectively.

After our noon meal Anton Vanicek introduced our special guests, Jiri and Vera Souhrada of Pisek, Bohemia who were visiting the United States for the first time. Jiri and Vera invited all of us to come next year and attend special events in 1993 commemorating the 750th Anniversary of the city of Pisek. During the afternoon Jiri entertained us by playing his guitar and singing Czech folk music.

Leota Campbell gave the invocation, thanking God for our dinner meal and for the family members who arranged this reunion for us. Another thank you was given for the joy of having found Jiri and Vera and their being able to join us for this reunion. John Vanicek served as Master of Ceremonies. Frank Souhrada III presented his latest genealogical findings tracing the family back to Vitus Souhrada, who was born in 1670. George Souhrada of Cleveland, Ohio donated family prepared honey and Morel Mushrooms that were auctioned off and the proceeds were used to help Jiri and Vera with travel expenses. Much fun was had by all as Cherie Souhrada with her wide angle camera desperately tried to capture all the Souhrada’s attending in one picture frame.

By Leota Campbell

Anton Vanicek with Vera and Jiri Souhrada from Pisek, Czech Republic

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Leota Campbell - Edina, MN
Gordon Flynn - Davenport IA
Velma Flynn - Davenport IA
Jason Noska - Clarissa MN
La Vonne Noska - Springfield IL
Viola Noska - Park Rapids MN
Sarah Schiffert - Marietta GA
Frank Souhrada - Greeley CO
Dorothy Souhrada - Greeley CO
Jiri Souhrada - Czech Republic
Vera Souhrada - Czech Republic
George Souhrada - Maple Heights OH
Rita Souhrada - Maple Heights OH
Gary Souhrada - Maple Heights OH
Anton Vanicek - Muscatine IA

Leota Campbell- Edina MN
Lydia Ethridge - Oxford Junction IA
Gordon Flynn - Davenport IA
Velma Flynn - Davenport IA
Barb Flynn - Davenport IA
Paul Flynn - Davenport IA
Anne Flynn - Davenport IA
Derek Feuss - Oxford Junction IA
Mona Feuss - Oxford Junction IA
Le Ann Meade Hendrick - Maquoketa IA
Philip Hendrick - Maquoketa IA
Patricia Lyon - Wyoming IA
Anita Meade - Maquoketa IA
Dalyn Meade - Maquoketa IA
Jason Meade - Maquoketa IA
La Vonne Noska - Springfield IL
Viola Noska - Park Rapids MN
Dave Radloff - La Crosse WI
Jane Radloff - La Crosse WI
Frank Souhrada Jr. - Greeley CO
Dorothy Souhrada - Greeley CO
David Souhrada - Osceola IA
Ronda Souhrada - Osceola IA
Dave Souhrada - Grundy Center IA
Cherie Souhrada - Grundy Center IA
Duane Souhrada - Orlando FL
Debra Souhrada - Orlando FL
Jiri Souhrada - Czech Republic
Vera Souhrada - Czech Republic
George Souhrada - Maple Heights, OH
Rita Souhrada - Maple Heights, OH
Gary Souhrada - Maple Heights, OH
John Souhrada - Lime Springs IA
Hope Souhrada - Lime Springs IA
Sarah Schiffert - Marietta GA
Rita Stange - Walnut IA
Dave Stephens - Tipton IA
Janel Stephens - Tipton IA
Anton Vanicek - Muscatine IA
John Vanicek - Muskego WI
Nelda Vanicek - Muskego WI
Bob Vacek - Wyoming IA
Janet Vacek - Wyoming IA
Sheila Mulligan Webb - Iowa City IA
Sean Webb - Iowa City IA
Betty Willimack - Oxford Junction IA
Edwin Willimack - Oxford Junction IA
Dale Willimack - Oxford Junction IA
Janine Willimack - Oxford Junction IA
Gary Willimack - Oxford Junction IA
Tammy Willimack - Oxford Junction IA
Mitch Willimack - Oxford Junction IA
Scott Willimack - Oxford Junction IA

1992 Reunion Attendees