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1995 – The 15th Souhrada Family Reunion
  Saturday, August 5th, and Sunday, August 6th, at the Party Room of the Durham in Edina, Minnesota

  Sunday Evening, a gathering at Leota Campbell’s Apartment

  Hosted by Gordon and Velma Flynn, Anton Vanicek, Viola Noska and Leota Campbell

1995-08-06 Souhrada Reunion (19) (800x531).jpg
Velma (Vanicek) Flynn, Viola Leslie, and Marketta Souhrada

Our reunion was held in the party room of the residence of Leota & Bonnie Campbell and Connie & Sarah Schiffert. Saturday evening we gathered in the party room for dessert and coffee. Sunday morning at 9 AM a Kolache Brunch was served. Sunday at noon we enjoyed our potluck dinner, good fellowship and our fun-time auction.

Sunday evening was a gathering time in Leota’s apartment for all those who could stay after the close of the reunion. Hope & John Souhrada furnished the kolaces served at the brunch. Janel Stephens decorated the dining tables with flowers chosen from her gardens that she put in beautiful Czechoslovakian vases brought by Dave and Cherie Souhrada.

Dave Stephens & Linda Souhrada were the auctioneers and Viola Noska the auction recorder. Our actions are proving to be not only a fund raising time but also a time filled with fun and laughter for all. Gordon & Velma Flynn greeted and registered us. Velma is also our family genealogist and is bringing our family records up to date. Anton Vanicek, videoed parts of our reunion. Jim and Terry Souhrada traveled the greatest distance to attend.

First time attendees: Jim & Terry Souhrada, Laura Campbell & Colton Daws, Cathy & David Foline & Chris Hines.

Our 16"‘ Souhrada Family Reunion will be held next year on August 10-11 in Cedar Rapids, IA where the National Czech & Slovak Museum & Library is located. In 1993 the Souhrada Family donated three hand embroidered Wall Hangings to this museum. These were made over 100 years ago by our ancestors and taken from Doni Novosedly #2, the homestead of generations of Souhrada’s in the Czech Republic.

By Leota Campbell

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42 Family Members Attended:

Souhrada family members attending:


Eleanor Bicknese

Gordon & Velma Flynn

Marlys Gronwoldt

Pam Krueger

Viola Leslie

Dave & Cherie Souhrada

John & Hope Souhrada

Marketta Souhrada

Dave & Janel Stephens

Anton Vanicek


Jim &Terry Souhrada


John & Nelda Vanicek



Bonnie Campbell

Leota Campbell

Ron, Jill, Kevin, Jenna & Laura Campbell

Aaron, Cheryl, Colton Daws

Darryl Daws

Kathy Daws

Cathy, David and Cris Foline

Helen Henak

Chris Hines

Anna Merrill

Viola Noska

Connie & Sarah Schiffert

Frank & Linda Souhrada

Jane Souhrada

Dave Souhrada and Dave Stephens relax during a break in this year’s reunion activities

To view the entire picture album from this year's reunion, click here