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1996 - Souhrada Family Celebrates their 16th Annual Reunion

Saturday, August 10, 1996 -- Afternoon Touring of the National Czech & Slovak Museum & Library

       Dinner 6 pm Zinbricks Czech Restaurant Czech Village, Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Sunday, August 11, 1996 -- 9 a.m. Kolaches Brunch, Dave & Janel Stephenís Home, Tipton Iowa

       12 noon Potluck Dinner, Mercantile Bank Dining Room, Tipton Iowa

       Sunday Evening - Family gathering at Dave & JaneIís home for those who could stay after the close of the reunion.

Hosts: Dave & Janel Stephens and John & Hope Souhrada

  Greeters & Registers: Gordon, Velma Flynn & daughter, Kathy

  Table decorations by: Dave & Cherie Souhrada

  Master of Ceremonies: Penny Souhrada

  Auctioneers: Dave Stephens & Linda Souhrada; Recorder: LaVonne Noska

  Special guest: Jiri Souhrada from the Czech Republic

Duane, Garrett, Shelby & Linda Eaton & Dorothy Chesney signing in at the National Czech & Slovak Museum

To view the entire picture album from this year's reunion, click here

The National Czech & Slovak Museum & Library in the Czech Village located in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, was our meeting place on Saturday, August 10th. We came to tour the newly dedicated Museum and also to see the 3 splash cloths the Souhrada Family donated to the Museum 3 years ago. These cloths, that hang behind wash basins, were hand embroidered by our ancestors over 100 years ago. They were taken from our ancestorís farm, which dates back many generations in the Czech Republic.


After touring the Museum and the Czech Village, 58 family members gathered at Zinbricks Czech Restaurant for dinner.


Sunday morning we gathered at the home of Dave & Janel Stephens in Tipton, Iowa, for a "kolache" brunch. Dave, Janel and Johnny & Hope Souhrada hosted this event. Rain kept us from browsing through Janel's fantastic gardens but we enjoyed seeing all the detailed beauty inside their authentic log home.


Gordon Flynn and one of his daughters, Kathy, greeted and registered us as we arrived at noon for a pot luck dinner. This was held in the Mercantile Bank dining room in Tipton. Dave & Cherie Souhrada's Czechoslovakian vases, which were filled with fresh flowers, were the center pieces for each table.


Our auction, with auctioneers and recorder, Dave Stephens, Linda Souhrada and LaVonne Noska, took place soon after dinner. Small bags of soil from our ancestorís farm, potted plants, china, pottery and glassware from both the Czech Republic and Czechoslovakia were among the items auctioned. Hand-Grafted items included a butterfly house, a toy wagon, wheat weaving, an angel made from leaves, a crucifix, a covered basket, a crochet table covering, a casserole carrier, an embroidered T shirt and caps, produce from our gardens, goodies from our kitchens, honey from our bee hives - plus much, much more.


Penny Souhrada was the master of ceremonies. She gave awards for traveling the greatest distance to: Jiri Souhrada from the Czech Republic, Joe & Lue Souhrada from Florida and Ken & Arlene Rassman from California. Ella Douda, was the oldest member attending and Tyler Lyon the youngest. They too, were recognized. 

A plaque reading, "YOUR LOVE HAS KEPT US TOGETHER" was given to Leota Campbell from the Souhrada family.

The RASSMAN FAMILY TREE was presented to Velma Flynn, our Souhrada family genealogist. This book is a true work of art; well researched, beautifully made and assembled. Credits for this most cherished book go to: David Rassman, Larry Shoger, Russ Anderson and Frances Rassman. This treasured book was gratefully accepted by the Souhrada family.


Four of the 93 people attending the reunion were from the Czech Republic. Jiri Souhrada celebrated his 50th birthday by coming to the United States and attending our Souhrada reunion for the 3rd time. This year he brought with him a friend, Ben Novak. Many years ago, Ben's parents immigrated to the USA and settled in Swisher, Iowa. Ben was born in Swisher but when he was 2 years old, he and his family returned to Pisek, Bohemia. Ben made this journey back with Jiri to find his birth records and his relatives. 

Hana & Paula Vanickova are girls in their early teens who spent the summer in the USA. They were hosted by many families including Dave & Janel Stephens. Most of their time however, was spent with Anton Vanicek, John & Nelda Vanicek, and Gordon & Velma Flynn. To the girls delight, Anton took them on the grand tour of our Western National Parks.

Linda Souhrada, Ella Douda, Frank Souhrada

1996-08-11 Souhrada Reunion 001 (800x559).jpg

Janel Stephens, Hope Souhrada, Jiri Souhrada and Linda Souhrada

To view the entire picture album from this year's reunion, click here

Attending from this country:

- Eleanor Bicknese

- Leota Campbell

- Dave & Bruce Chesney

- John & Dorothy Chesney

- Maureen & Zachary Currier

- Ella & Dick Douda

- Duane, Linda, Garrett & Shelby Eaton

- Barb Erickson

- Barb Flynn

- Gordon & Velma Flynn

- Kathleen & Peter Flynn

- Paul & Tammy Flynn & Mairin Burke

- Derek & Mona & Michelle Feuss

- Marlys Gronwoldt

- Edna Henningsen

- Gary & Rosemary Knutson

- Viola Leslie
- Richard, Sue & Tyler Lyon
- LaVonne Noska
- Leroy & Virginia Powelka

- Joe & Diane Powelka

- Gene & Frances Rassman

- Ken & Arlene Rassman

- Dave & Robbin & Zachary Souhrada/Rogers

- Arthur Souhrada

- Dave & Cherie Souhrada

- Ed & Elsie Souhrada

- Frank & Linda Souhrada

- Jane Souhrada

- Joe & Justine Souhrada

- Joe & Lue Souhrada

- Johnny & Hope Souhrada

- Marketta Souhrada

- Michael & Penny & Ted Souhrada

- Dave & Janel Stephens

- Becky & Douglas & Patric & Christy Sharpshair

- Anton Vanicek

- John & Nelda Vanicek

- Jim & Kathy & Lou Vacek

- Lillian Vacek

- Dale & Janine Willimack

- Ed & Betty Willimack

- Gary & Tamra Willimack

- Mitch & Scott Willimack.

Friends of the family: John Anderson, Kim Bryne & Mrs. Wilma M Novak.


Brothers, Joe & Ed Souhrada and their wives attended for the first time. They are searching for their family tree and roots. Hopefully they will find they are a branch of our Souhrada tree.