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1999 - Souhrada Family Celebrates 19th Reunion

Cedar Rapids & Marion, Iowa
Hosts: Joe and Justine Souhrada
August 7th and 8th, 1999

Leota Campbell and Hope Souhrada

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On August 7-8, 1999, Souhrada’s from far and wide gathered in Cedar Rapids and Marion, Iowa for the 19th Annual Souhrada Family Reunion. On Saturday family members were invited to stop by Joe and Justine Souhrada's home in Marion or visit the Czech Village in Cedar Rapids to tour the Czech and Slovak National Museum and Library.  After stopping at the museum and touring the Homelands exhibits, family members took in the shops and restaurants in the Czech Village. The Sykora Bakery was a popular spot to stop and pick up some kolaches and coffee.

That evening Joe and Justine hosted dinner at their home in Marion, Iowa. Alexa Souhrada, Joe and Justine's oldest daughter, greeted Reunion goers at the front door.

More than 30 of us were able to catch up on each other's lives, enjoy Maid-Rites, and watch a video of Dave and Janel Stephens' wheat being harvested. Younger family members played basketball, croquet, or played with bubbles and chalk.

By Leota Campbell

Those who attended Saturday night were:
- Joe, Justine, Alexa, and Anna and their son Aaron Bodell
- Penny Souhrada
- Don Souhrada

- Ella and Dick Douda

- Ted, Kirn and Rachael Souhrada

- Joe and Lue Souhrada

- Ed and Elsie Souhrada

- Dave and Janel Souhrada Stephens

- Leota Campbell

- Viola and Kate Noska

- John and Hope Souhrada

- Cliff and Ruth Ispan-Brown

- Velma Vanicek Flynn

- Anton Vanicek

- Eric, Kristin and Bradley Willimack

Early Sunday morning Justine and Kim Souhrada were hard at work setting up the Squaw Creek Lodge in preparation for our potluck noon meal and the reunion of the family.


For 6 other early risers Sunday morning; Joe Souhrada, Ted Souhrada, Gary, Mitch, Scott and Eric Willimack, the day started with a round of golf. Playing horseshoes and other activities for the kids were acted on along with conversation for the rest of the reunion attendees.


Following our potluck meal, Joe Souhrada, our host, gave thanks to Justine, his wife, Kim Souhrada, his sister-in-law and Leota Campbell, for playing important roles in bringing about and throwing the reunion events. Each family member telling about themselves and their family and which branch of this Souhrada Family Tree they belong to followed this. This was videotaped by Anton Vanicek.


Business matters that were discussed:

1. It was decided that next year, Cresco, Iowa would be the location for the 20th annual and 1st reunion of the millennium.

2. The need for volunteers to host each year’s reunion.

3. It was agreed that the family newsletter should continue and that we would support it with our news items and financially.

4. Our family auction would continue and that perhaps different formats could be tried.

5. A family raffle was discussed that the whole Souhrada family could take part in, even though they did not attend the reunion.


Attending Sunday's events were:

- Joe, Justine, Alexa & Anna Souhrada & their son Aaron Bedell

- Kim, Ted & Rachael Souhrada

- Penny & Mike Souhrada

- Ed & Elsie Souhrada

- Lue & Joe Souhrada

- Leota Campbell

- Ella & Dick Douda

- John & Hope Souhrada

- Gary; Tamra, Mitch, & Scott Willimack

- Dale & Jannie Willimack

- Eric, Kirsten, & Bradley Willimack

- Heidi & Karl Radloff-Licht

- Jane Radloff

- Bob & Mary Radloff Mulligan

- Velma Vanicek Flynn

- Anton Vanicek

- Viola and Katy Noska and Janel Souhrada Stephens

Joseph and Lue Souhrada

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