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2000 - Souhrada Family Celebrates 20th Reunion

Cresco, Iowa
Hosts: Dave and Janel Stephens, Dave and Cherie Souhrada
August 12th and 13th, 2000

Dave and Cherie Souhrada

To view the entire picture album from this year's reunion, click here

The year 2000 is truly a year of celebration for the Souhrada Family. Here in the USA we celebrated our 20th family reunion year while in the Czech Republic our newfound Souhrada families celebrated their 1st on September 9th and 10th.  What a blessing!  

Ten years ago, Frank and Linda Souhrada traveled to the Czech Republic with the desire to see firsthand the place of Frank’s ancestors’ origins. They found the Souhrada farm home, Dolni Novosedly # 2 and talked to a lady that lived in the area. This lead to finding Jiri Souhrada, a 3rd cousin of Frank’s. All of this led Jiri and his wife Vera to visit our reunions here in the USA and to start Souhrada Family Reunions there in the Czech Republic.

Our family here in the USA started the 20th reunion Saturday evening at a restaurant in Cresco for dinner and fellowship, a time of getting reacquainted and in some cases acquainted for the first time. Sunday morning at 10 o'clock the doors of Champlin Hall, Cresco, were opened for us to come and enjoy a delicious treat of homemade kolaches, fruit and beverage. Many came at this time to check out their personal family genealogy that Velma Vanicek, our Souhrada Family genealogist keeps up to date for us. Others spent time going through the picture albums of our many past reunions.

Following our potluck meal at noon Anton Vanicek videotaped individuals and each family as they were introduced. Our joyful reunion day came to a close as Dave Stephens and Leroy Powelka auctioned off our family's contribution of hand crafted articles, hand quilted quilts, stitched, knitted and crocheted items, homemade canned goods and home grown vegetables. We all rejoiced knowing that a 1st Souhrada Family Reunion organized by Jiri and Vera is being held in the Czech Republic this year.

Those who could stay a bit longer after the close of the reunion gathered for a warm fellowship time at the home of John and Hope Souhrada in Lime Springs.

By Leota Campbell

29 Family members and two friends attended:
- Leota Campbell
- Dave and Cherie Souhrada
- Caroline Gerber & friends, Khristina and Berk
- Marlys Gronwoldt
- Ed Souhrada
- Bill and Sara Jo Stephens Kotrba
- Elsie Souhrada
- Hope Souhrada and John Souhrada
- Loren Leslie and Viola Leslie
- Jane Souhrada
- LaVonne Noska
- Marketta Souhrada
- Leroy Powelka and Virginia Powelka
- Dave and Janel Stephens
- Dave and Robin Souhrada Rogers and Shelby and Zachary
- Anton Vanicek
- John Vanicek and Nelda Vanicek
- Naate Zien
- Ardis Souhrada

Janel and Dave Stephens

To view the entire picture album from this year's reunion, click here