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2000 – The 1st Souhrada Family Reunion in the Czech Republic

  by La Vonne Souhrada Noska

 For a description in the Czech language, click here

Jiri and Vera Souhrada of Pisek, Czech Republic were hosts to the first Souhrada reunion outside the United States on September 9, 2000. The festivities took place at a hunting lodge near Krizatke, overlooking the Souhrada farmland.


The 45 Souhrada family members in attendance were from Bernartice, Chrastiny, Dolni Zahori, Horni Zahori, Hrazanky, Jamny, Pisek, Prague, Smrkovice, Srlin, Tachov, and Zvikovske Podhradi in the Czech Republic. The Americans in attendance included Velma Vanicek Flynn of Davenport, Iowa, John Vanicek of Muskego, Wisconsin, Anton Vanicek of Muscatine, Iowa, Dave and Janel Stephens of Tipton, Iowa, Viola Noska of Piquot Lakes, Minnesota and La Vonne Noska of Springfield, Illinois.


The day was spent getting acquainted, identifying our place on the Souhrada family tree, viewing photos, eating, and enjoying the PIVO. Entertainment also included a 5-piece Country Band "SEDIVACI" (The GREYS). They played a variety of Czech music for singing, dancing, listening or just watching. Jiri joined them at times and also played when the band took a break.

The U.S. Czechs extended their stay in the area and revisited Dolni Novasedly #2, attended Saint Michael's Church in Krizatke and reviewed ancestral chronicles, which dated from 756 A.D. and are on file in both the church and the Major's office in Krazatke.


The Souhradas in attendance were delighted with the day's celebration and expressed great interest in future Souhrada gatherings.

Additional commentary provided by Jiri Souhrada - -


The reunion was held in "Hunter cottage" Krizatky, an area where many Souhrada ancestors had lived. There were documents displayed showing pedigrees and roots for Souhradas from all over the world. It is known that there are Souhradas living not only in the Czech Republic, but also a lot of families live in the USA, Canada, Austria, Slovakia, and Germany.


A U.S. and Czech map was displayed showing the locations where the Souhrada's lived. Souhradas live in Vienna Austria, their ancestors came from Zahori. Other Souhradas live in Trencin, Slovakia, ancestors from Dolni Novosedlo. We have Souhrada's in West Bohemia in Pillsner, Tachov. Jaroslav Souhrada from Tachov has three daughters, Eva is announcer for news in Czech TV 1.


There were pictures displayed from America and old Czech pictures about Souhrada's and their houses. We visited Souhrada's mill in Srlin, attended a special mass in Church Horni Zahori, where many of our ancestors were baptized, married and buried.

- - Note: Click on the above picture to view or download a full size (177kb) .jpg image file- -

Top row (L-R): Helena Souhrada, Jindrich Souhrada, Jaroslava Souhrada, Lenka Souhrada, Zdena Souhrada, Jan Souhrada, Helena Souhrada, Jiri Souhrada, Vaclav Souhrada, (up red) Truhlar Eva
2nd row (L-R): Viola Souhrada Noska, La Vonne Souhrada Noska, Velma Vanicek Souhrada

3rd row kneeling (L-R): Anton Vanicek, Tomas Souhrada, Jindrich Souhrada, Eva Souhrada (TV), Ludmila Souhrada, Vladimir Souhrada, Jaroslav Souhrada

Front row (L-R): John Vanicek, Pavel Souhrada, Janel Souhrada Stephens, Dave Stephens, Vera Souhrada.

(Picture and captions courtesy of Jiri Souhrada)

Those attending in the Czech republic:



Zdenka Souhradaova

Dolni Zahori 27

Vaclav Souhrada

Dolni Zahori 27

Ludmila Souhradova

Dolni Zahori 27

Vaclav Souhrada


Jindrich Souhrada

Chrastiny 24

Vidimir Souhrada


Vladmir Souhrada


Marie Souhradova


Vitova Souhradova


Anton Vanicek

Muscatine, IA USA

Milada Souhradova

Horni Zahori

Lenka Souhradova


Eva Souhradova


Jaroslav Souhrada


Faroslave Souhradova


Helena Souhradova


Jan Souhrada


Viola Noska Souhrada     

Pequot Lakes MN USA

La Vonne Noska Souhrada  

Springfield IL USA

John Vanicek

Muskego, WI USA

Pavel Souhrada


Thomas Souhrada

Zvikovske Podhradi 52

Janel Stephens Souhrada

Tipton IA USA

Dave Stephens

Tipton IA USA

Vera Souhradova


Jiri Souhrada


Velma Vanicek Flynn

Davenport IA USA

Marie Souhradova Korandova


Bohmil Souhrada


Vladislav Hrubec (Souhrada)  


Vladislav Hrubec Jr.


Dana Hrubcova

Srlin 25

Zdenek Souhrada

Srlin 25

Jaroslava Souhradaova     

Srlin 26

Lucie Jirickova (Pavel S.)


Eva Truhlarova



Country Band "Sedivaci”


Vaclav Pipek


Jaroslav Andel


Rudolf Tresdy


Pavel Hejna


Vaclav Kriz

Melevsko E-mail sent to Jiri & Vera Souhrada Sept. 7, 2000


What a blessing the year 2000 is for our Souhrada family! We celebrated our 20th Annual Souhrada Family Reunion here in the USA and you are about to celebrate the first Souhrada Family Reunion in the Czech Republic!


Thank you Jiri & Vera, for all the hours of work you have spent on making this First Souhrada Family Reunion (in the Czech Republic) possible. May God bless you for bringing this family together for a joyful time of celebration in the Czech Republic!


In 1981 Vaclav & Katherine Souhrada's 16 grandchildren and their children were invited to the First Souhrada reunion in the USA and today over 270 invitations are sent to Souhrada households all over the USA and the Czech Republic.


How wonderful that seven Souhrada's from the USA, including two who attended the First Souhrada Reunion in 1981, Viola Souhrada Noska and La Vonne Souhrada Noska, are there to help celebrate the First Souhrada reunion in the Czech Republic.


May God's blessings be on your First Souhrada Reunion held in the Czech Republic.


Your Souhrada Family in the USA