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2002 - Souhrada Family Celebrates 22nd Reunion

Davis Corners and New Hampton, Iowa
Hosts: Dalyn and Phyllis Souhrada, Viola Noska, and Leota Campbell Anderson
August 10th and 11th, 2002

Phyllis and Dalyn Souhrada

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The 22nd annual gathering of the Souhrada Family took place on Saturday, August 20th at the Davis Corners Restaurant and the Pinicon Restaurant in New Hampton, Iowa on Sunday the 11th. There were 37 family members plus two family friends who attended, all coming from Iowa, Wisconsin, Missouri and Minnesota. Deanna & Rodney Comstock traveled from Excello, MO, the furthest distance.

There was a feeling of thankfulness in the air as our Souhrada Family gathered together for dinner Saturday night and then again on Sunday. Through the years we have come to know and care about our many family members, and a few who attended this year needed that extra caring touch and concern. John Souhrada, a very active and respected member of our Souhrada family, passed away this past April leaving behind his wife Hope; their son Dave and his wife Cherie, their daughter Janel and her husband Dave Stephens; grandchildren and great-grandchildren. John and his wife Hope and their family have hosted many of our reunions and have been very active in others. They are known and loved by our Souhrada family and we all greatly miss John. Losing a mate or a father, or grandfather or great grandfather that you dearly loved is hard - especially living through the 1st year without them but God bless Hope, Dave and Cherie -- they were there, knowing that these reunions were part of Johnís life. Few words were spoken by them of their personal loss but their love for John spoke to us clearly from their hearts, and we were blessed.

Lavine Greenslade has been battling cancer for the past few years ó but she never gives up. She told us, "Iím weak and donít feel good most of the time - but Iím not going to give up dancing"! What an encourager she is!

Dalyn & Phyllis Souhrada were a part of the hosting committee this year and found and made the arrangements for our Sunday reunion gathering at the Pinicon Restaurant. They were with us for a joyful time Saturday night but Dalyn on Sunday was hospitalized in need of an operation. Everyone was welcomed as they entered the Pinicon on Sunday by our fun loving greeters Leroy & Virginia Powelka. Our dining tables were beautified by fresh flower centerpieces made by Ardis and Jane Souhrada. After enjoying our dinner and good fellowship much fun and laughter was brought about by our auctioneers as they conducted our auction of the many articles brought by our family members. Velma Flynn, our familyís genealogist and Anton Vanicek brought Souhrada updated genealogy records that we all enjoyed browsing through. Both Velma and Anton continue to work on our Souhrada Family Tree and requested updated information for it.

Nelda Vanicek compiled from our Souhrada familyís recipes a Souhrada Cook Book that was put on sale today. Marlys Gronwoldt had the honor of having the greatest number from her family in attendance.

Leota Campbell Anderson encouraged us to visit - if possible our familyís Matriarch, Ella Douda, who will be 94 this coming April and our Patriarch, Bill Rassman who this November will be 100. A visit with Ella, who lives in Cedar Rapids, will make your heart sing. As many of you know she is a keen minded, sweet petit lady who in her 80ís went for the adventure of a hot air balloon ride and at 85 she did it again. Skydiving was her thrill at 86 and at the age of 87 she was sky jumping. This wasnít enough for this young at heart lady, when she was 91 she was into stock car racing As for Bill RassmanÖhe and his wife, Hazel reside in the Cresco Care Center in Cresco, Iowa. Bill has many fun interesting stories of past days so expect to have a delightful time if you go for a visit. They are both sharp minded and are a joy to be with.

Many of us were in agreement that having our reunion at the Pinicon left no room for improvement. The food was excellent and served cafeteria style. We had all we could eat of roast beef, fish, chicken and ham along with salad makings and desert. Everything was perfectly set up for us - the dining room was beautiful and spacious and included a podium and microphone. We didnít have to pay for the room or set it up. Perhaps best of all for some, we didnít have to clean up afterwards, especially the kitchen. If anyone should be happy about no kitchen set up or cleaning afterwards it would be Viola Noska. Without her kitchen help, along with the many other things she does for our reunions some of our reunion kitchens could have been a mess.

Meeting on the 3rd instead of the 2nd weekend in August was suggested for our reunion meeting time. Next yearís reunion will be held in the Cedar Rapids, Maquoketa or Oxford Junction, Iowa areas. Notice will be given later.

By Leota Campbell Anderson

25 members gathered Saturday evening
; 39 attended our dinner on Sunday

37 family members plus 2 friends attended this reunion came from Iowa, Wisconsin, Missouri and Minnesota.

- Milt Anderson and Leota Anderson
- Rodney Comstock and  Deanna Comstock
- Darryl Daws
- Mr. and Mrs. Bob Dvorak
- Velma Vanicek Flynn
- Derek, Michelle, and Mona Feuss
- Dave, Linda, and Mitchell Hemann
- Lavine Greenslade
- Andrea, Dan, Sandra, Bonnie, Loren, and Marlys Gronwoldt
- Patricia Lyon
- Rachel Madsen
- Viola Noska
- Leroy and Virginia Powelka
- Mark and Marlene Slettehaugh
- Ardis Souhrada
- Aaron Souhrada
- Dalyn and Phyllis Souhrada
- Dave and Cherie Souhrada
- Jane Souhrada
- Hope Souhrada
- Jolene Souhrada
- Marvin Souhrada
- Anton Vanicek

Viola Noska, Leota Campbell Anderson, Hope Souhrada, Elizabeth Vanicek

To view the entire picture album from this year's reunion, click here