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2002 – The 2nd Souhrada Family Reunion in the Czech Republic

Dolni Novosedlo – Krizatka, CZ  August 31st 2002

 by Jiri Souhrada

 For a description in the Czech language, click here

The second Souhrada Family Reunion in the Czech Republic was in Hunter cottage, Krizatka. It was not long since the big flood in the Czech Republic so this time 29 people attended. Everyone had a good time. There were exhibitions on display about the history and genealogy of the Souhrada's.  There were also video tapes from the past family reunions held in Iowa. Entertainment was provided by the music group "Dupeto" and the Souhrada's Band. In attendance for the first time were Souhrada's from Tyn nad Vltavou.


Those attending were:

Vaclav Souhrada, Zdenka Souhrada, Jiri Souhrada, Vera Souhrada, Marie Andera Souhrada, Jana Souhrada, Jiri Souhrada, Tomas Souhrada, Jindrich Souhrada, Jindrich Souhrada, Vaclav Souhrada, Helena Souhrada, Vaclav Souhrada, Vladimír Souhrada, Marie Souhrada, Pavel Souhrada, Petr Mechura, Antonin Ledecky, Jan Souhrada, Jaroslava Souhrada, Jan Souhrada, Helena Souhrada, Michal Souhrada, Marie Souhrada, Ivana Sulitka Souhrada, Eva Truhlarova, Jana Beckova Souhradaová, Pavel Souhrada, Zdenek Souhrada.