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2003 - Souhrada Family Celebrates 23rd Reunion

Lowden and Oxford Junction, Iowa
Hosts: Velma Vanicek Flynn and Family, Anton Vanicek, John and Nelda Vanicek, Chris and Elizabeth Gotstein
August 9th and 10th, 2003

If you have pictures from the 2003 reunion that you would like to share, please contact us.  Thanks,

The 23rd annual Souhrada reunion was held on August 9th and 10th, 2003. On Saturday evening family members met for supper and fellowship at the Arrow Café in Lowden, Iowa.

The reunion reconvened on Sunday morning for brunch at the Legionnaire in Oxford Junction, IA. The pastries served were baked by Audrey Latare of the Matre D’ of Oxford Jct. During brunch, Allen Hronik of Oxford Jct. entertained with Czech folk songs on his accordion. A short Czech sing-a-long was enjoyed.

A short business meeting followed a noon potluck dinner. It was noted that Savannah Calloway of Austin, Texas, granddaughter of Dave and Janel Stephens of Tipton IA had traveled the longest distance.

Leota Campbell Anderson reported that the information she has been collecting and compiling for the Souhrada Family Events-Happenings-History-Genealogy will soon be ready for the printers and will then be available for purchase at a nominal fee. Velma Flynn reported on the latest Souhrada genealogical findings as provided by Jiri and Vera Souhrada of Pisek in the Czech Republic. They have spent much time researching in the Czech Archives and have traced the oldest currently known ancestor to be Gregorius Souhrada who was born in 1620.

During the afternoon, Jiri and Vera phoned from their home in Pisek with greetings for the USA Souhrada’s. They commented they are enduring a severe heat wave there.

Elizabeth and Chris Gotstein of Belgium, WI presented information of family web site concepts and the possibility of using this technology sometime in the future.

An auction of donated items was held with Dave Stephens as the auctioneer. In this fun and lighthearted event, Leah Erickson of Davenport, Iowa and Macin Burke of Blue Grass, Iowa assisted him. The proceeds are being applied toward reunion expenses. Anton Vanicek served as chairman of this event and John Vanicek was the master of Ceremonies. Nelda Vanicek was the registrar and reported 46 in attendance. Others assisting were Janel Stevens, Viola Noska, Patricia Lyon, Elizabeth & Chris Goldstein, Leota & Milt Campbell Anderson and Velma Vanicek Flynn. The 2004 Reunion will be held on August 14th and 15th at the Pinion in New Hampton, Iowa.

By Velma Vanicek Flynn

46 Souhrada Family members gathered for this event:

Leota Anderson of Bloomington MN

Milt Anderson of Bloomington MN

Eleanor Bicknese of Oxford Junction IA

Macin Burke of Blue Grass IA

Savanna Callaway of Leader TX

Dorothy Chesney of Zingle IA

John Chesney of Zingle IA

Barbara J Erickson of Davenport IA

Leah Erickson of Davenport IA

Derek Feuss of Wyoming IA

Michelle Feuss of Wyoming IA

Mona Feuss of Wyoming IA

Kathleen Flynn of Davenport IA

Paul Flynn of Blue Grass IA

Peter Flynn Davenport IA

Sarah Flynn of Davenport IA

Tammy Murphy of Flynn Blue Grass WI

Velma Flynn of Davenport IA

Chris Gotstein of Belgium WI

Elizabeth Gotstein of Belgium WI

Ardith Gronwoldt of LeRoy MN

Marlys Gronwoldt of Riceville IA

Marvin Gronwoldt of Riceville IA

Ann Hansen of Oxford Jct IA

Pat Lyon of Wyoming IA
LaVonne Noska of Springfield IL
Viola Noska of Pequot Lakes MN
John Powelka of Norfolk VA
Sheila Powelka of Norfolk VA
Virginia Powelka of Maquoketa IA
Hope Souhrada of Lime Springs IA
John Souhrada of Lime Springs IA
Dave Stephens of Tipton IA
Janel Stephens of Tipton IA
Bob Vacek of Wyoming IA
Janet Vacek of Wyoming IA
Jim Vacek of Oxford Jct IA
Kathy Leeper Vacek of Oxford Jct IA
Lou Vacek of Ames IA
Anton Vanicek of Muscatine IA
John Vanicek of Muskego WI
Nelda Vanicek of Muskego WI
Gary Willimack of Oxford Jct IA
Mitch Willimack of Oxford Jct IA
Scott Willimack of Oxford Jct IA

Tammy Willimack of Oxford Jct IA