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2006 Souhrada Family Reunion – the 4th reunion held in the Czech Republic

Drhovle, Chrastiny, Záhoří, Dolní Novosedly, and Srlín, Czech Republic

The 2006 Souhrada Family Reunion was held in multiple locations near Pisek, CZ, our Souhrada family homelands. 

Friday evening’s activities included a public exhibit of historical records, pictures, and documents about late 19th century immigration of Czech people to America. The exhibit was on display at the town hall in Drhovle and prepared by our host, Jiri Souhrada. Musical entertainment was provided by the musical group “Congrass”, a country music band from Pisek. The reunion celebration continued later in the evening at Jiri Souhrada’s summer house in Drhovle.  The Congrass band (later joined by Jiri Souhrada) provided music and entertainment at the summer house.


Reporters from the local media took pictures and collected stories about the exhibition. 


To view a newspaper clipping about the event click here.

Visitors to Saturday’s events at the At Hunting Lodge “Krizatka“, (near the village of Chrastiny) were greeted with traditional Czech folk music by Švandová dudácká muzika (Svanda's bagpipe band) from Strakonice. On display were numerous documents Souhrada family history, Souhrada family trees, Souhrada family photos, and stories of emigrations to America. There was plenty of Czech food and beer for refreshments.  Jiří and Jana Souhrada provided each guest with a hand made souvenir mug created by them specifically for this event. Later in the program, the Souhrada band (Jiri Souhrada on guitar, and Zdeněk Souhrada on accordian) provided musical entertainment.


It had been over 50 years since Vaclav Souhrada from Paris, France had met his cousin Vaclav (from Prague). It was a happy reunion for these two cousins.  Vaclav (from Paris) also brought along a label of his private stock of Le Chevalier Souhrada Boudeaux.


Those attending Saturday’s events were:


Jiří Souhrada, Pisek, CZ

Věra Souhrada, Pisek, CZ

Dave Stephens, Tipton, IA, USA

Janel (Souhrada) Stephens, Tipton, IA, USA

Václav Souhrada, Hrazánky 2, CZ

Hana Lipová, Hrazánky, CZ

Anna Pešičková, Hrazánky, CZ

Jiří Souhrada, Dobřany, CZ

Lucie Souhradová, Dobřany, CZ

Lada Dědková, Praha, CZ

Pete Souhrada, Pittsford, NY, USA

Karen Souhrada, Pittsford, NY, USA

Václav Souhrada, Paris, France

Jan Souhrada, Pisek, CZ

Helena Souhrada, Pisek, CZ

Michal Souhrada, Pisek, CZ

Marek Souhrada, Pisek, CZ

Sylvie Souhrada, Pisek, CZ

Jaroslava Souhradová, Pisek, CZ

Václav Souhrada, Praha, CZ

Marie Souhradová, Praha, CZ

Jiřina Souhradová, Bernatice, CZ

Antonín Souhrada, Bernatice, CZ

Jana Souhradová, Týn nad Vltavou, CZ

Jiří Souhrada, Týn nad Vltavou, CZ

Václav Souhrada, Záhoří, CZ

Zdeňka Souhradová, Záhoří, CZ

Václav Souhrada, Smrkovice, CZ

Vladislava Souhradová, Smrkovice, CZ

Jiří Souhrada, Český Krumlov, CZ

Marcela Souhradová, Český Krumlov, CZ

Pavel Souhrada, Bernatice, CZ

Tomáš Souhrada, Zvíkovské Podhradi, CZ

Ivana Šulitková, Zvíkovské Podhradi, CZ

Zdeněk Souhrada, Srlin, CZ

Pavel Souhrada, Písek, CZ

J. Souhrada


Note on the list of attendees: It is likely that the list of attendees contains omissions or incorrect entrees.  Please send any corrections to the webmaster.

Sunday’s events began with mass at St. Michael the Archangel’s Church in Záhoří. St. Michael’s is the Church, Cemetery, and Parsonage of our Souhrada Ancestors. We were greeted by Father Edward Maka, the pastor of St. Michael’s. After mass, Father Maka provided a history of the church and then gave a tour.  After mass, lunch was served in a restaurant/pub at Dolní Novosedly 20, the very same building that Veronica (Luzum) and Matej Souhrada lived and worked right after their marriage in 1859. Matej and Veronica were Pete’s great-grandparents. The ancestral home of many of our Souhrada’s, Dolní Novosedly 2, is directly across a small square from the restaurant.  The afternoon’s activities were concluded with a visit to the Souhrada mill (now an operating electrical water powered generator) at Srlín. Zdeněk Souhrada and his family provided refreshments and a tour of their mill.