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2007 Souhrada Family Reunion - # 27

Muskego, Wisconsin

Hosted by John, Nelda, and Elizabeth Vanicek
August 18th and 19th, 2007

2007 Souhrada Family Reunion

The 2007 Souhrada Family Reunion took place at the Candlewood Village Club House in Muskego, Wisconsin.  Both the Saturday evening social and Sunday’s dinner were held at John and Nelda Vanicek’s condominium Candlewood Village Club House.  Chris and Elizabeth Gotstein and John and Nelda Vanicek were this year’s hosts.  What a wonderful job they did in making this year a huge success! 


46 people attended Saturday’s event and 49 people attended Sunday’s dinner. A fabulous buffet dinner was provided by our host families; the Gotstein’s and the Vanicek’s. Family and group photos were taken by Chris Gotstein. The business meeting was conducted by Elizabeth Gotstein. Dave Souhrada and Dave Stephens were our auctioneers this year.  It was a great success and fun for all.   


This year’s event was preceded by the sad news of Velma Vanicek’s passing. Elizabeth Gotstein presented a moving memorial of our dear Velma, the matriarch of our Souhrada clan. Her presence was missed by all, but her spirit was with us during the entire event.  Everyone was particularly pleased to welcome all of Velma’s children and their families at this year’s reunion.

John Vanicek read a wonderful welcome letter from Leota (Campbell) Anderson who was unable to attend this year’s reunion. (Click here to read Leota’s letter.)  It was decided that next year’s reunion in the USA will be held in Iowa and hosted by Dave and Cherie Souhrada.  Souvenir laminated placemats with a collage of old family pictures on one side and the other containing recipes and Czech sayings were available to each guest.  Chris Gotstein was our official photographer and took family portraits.

Dave and Cherie Souhrada will be hosting the 2008 reunion in Cedar Falls Iowa. We hope to see everyone there!

It was also announced that Jiri Souhrada is planning on a 2008 reunion in the Czech Republic. It is tentatively scheduled for the first weekend of September, 2008. 

Those attending this year’s reunion were:


Savannah Callaway of Tipton, IA

Denis & Rose Cuka of Omaha, NE

Gerald & Maureen, Martha and Zack Currier of Davenport IA

Mark & Barb Erickson of Davenport IA

Mona Feuss, Derek and Michelle of Wyoming, IA

Chris, Elizabeth and Chloe Gotstein of Norway, MI

Anne Flynn of Davenport IA

Kathleen Flynn of Davenport IA

Peter Flynn of Davenport IA
Michael Flynn of Davenport IA

Tom & Betsy, Rebecca, Daniel, Naomi, Rachel, Ezra, and Joel Flynn of Tekonsha, MI

Paul & Tammy Flynn of Blue Grass, IA
Rick & Gretchen Flynn of Eldridge. IA

Doug & Alison Kostreva, Emily & Tyler of Pound, WI
Pat Lyon of Wyoming, IA

Jason & Trudy, Allison & Lily Noska of MN

Dave and Cherie Souhrada of Denver, IA

David Souhrada and Alexis of WI

Frank Souhrada of Sioux Falls, SD

John Souhrada of Milwaukee, WI
Pete and Karen Souhrada of Pittsford, NY

Dave and Janel Stephens of Tipton, IA

Anton Vanicek of Muscatine, IA

John and Nelda Vanicek of Muskego, WI

Cathie Wyrobeck of Greenfield, WI

Note on the list of attendees: It is quite possible that the list of attendees contains omissions or incorrect entrees.  Please send any corrections to the webmaster.