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2008 Souhrada Family Reunion – the 5th reunion held in the Czech Republic

Drhovle, Czech Republic

The 2008 Souhrada Family Reunion was held on September 20, 2008 in Drhovle, near Pisek, Czech Republic…our Souhrada family homelands.

Hosted by Jiri and Vera Souhrada 

The reunion itself was preceded by the opening ceremony of the exhibition organized in the local office of Drhovle.  The exhibition has had the motto: "Emigration from the region of Písek to America within 1850 - 1900". The exhibition of paintings named “The landscape of South Bohemia seen by the painter Valentin Horba".


The ceremony was followed with the transfer to the local restaurant, where, as well as in the exhibition, the piper’s band from Strakonice played.


After the traditional meeting the guests and introduction all participants we had a word regarding the Souhrada’s history, history of the parsonage of Horní Záhoří, we also spoke on our ancestors of Jamný, Třešně, Dolní Záhoří, Dolní Novosedly and others. Most of the participants could find their roots in the partial family trees covering the individual branches of our clan that were available hung on the walls, and to enjoy with other documents from the archives.


There were a total of 48 Souhrada clan members and 6 musicians present.


The Souhradas arrived and even landed in Písek, Laura Souhrada-Kyle and Bob from California, Denis Cuka from Nebraska, Nathan Cuka from Colorado, and Philip Cuka from Kansas.

Václav and Richard came from Slovakia, and the others from Tachova, Prague, Bernartice, Chomutov, Záhoří, Týn nad Vltavou, Zvíkovské Podhradí, Hrazánky, Vlastec, Budějovice.

An illness has prevented Václav Souhrada from arrival from Paris, but he has promised to take part next time.

The best regards have been received, coming from Iowa, New York, Florida and France.


We have welcome our guests, the historian and writer Mr. František Mikolášek, the top genealogist and explorer Mr. Mgr. Alois Sassmann, well known as the author of the radio program "The roots" and the book bearing the same title. The mayor of the village of Bernartice, Mr. Pavel Souhrada, has also contributed with his address.


Needless to say, the excellent local kitchen products accompanied the reunion, the home made smoked meat, the liver sausages, hulled grain sausages, meat loaf (presswurst), the plum brandy of Moravia, Pilsner Urquell from barrel, Platan (local beer of Protivín), all prepared on the basis of excellent performance of the restaurant team, Mrs. Radka and her husband Milan Vaněček.

We would like to pronounce our sincerest thanks to all participants for their coming and our strong belief we shall meet again on the occasion of the Souhrada’s Reunion in 2010.

Sincere thanks to Jirka from Týn for the fantastic memorial cup’s completion, and to Valda Horba and my wife Věra, all of the having brought the substantial contribution to the success of this Reunion.


With best regards  


Jiří Souhrada