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2010 Souhrada Family Reunion – the 6th reunion held in the Czech Republic

Drhovle, Czech Republic

The 2010 Souhrada Family Reunion was held on September 4, 2010 in Drhovle, near Pisek, Czech Republic…our Souhrada family homelands.

Hosted by Jiri and Vera Souhrada 

The already traditional 6th Reunion of the clan of Souhradas took place in Drhovle again. As usual, the exhibition “The history of our families and exhibition of the pictures of famous painter of the south – Bohemian architecture Valentin Horba opened the whole action. The exhibitions continued for two weeks and were viewed by some 200 visitors.

Demonstration veteran cars made a part, the attractive Aero 1934 of Mr. Josef Drašnar was present, as well as the American WWII Jeeps and further historical cars reminding the liberation of the region of Písek by the U.S. Army in 1945. The contribution of the bluegrass band Congrass playing in front of the local office, as well as during the reunion itself, was also very pleasant. The Pipers Band of Strakonice played during the opening exhibitions. Jarda Souhrada from Tachov arrived on his plane, some participants came on their bikes and even horses were seen in front of the local restaurant. The others used cars.

The reunion started in and in front of the local office of the village of Drhovle and, afterwards, the participants moved to the local restaurant where the official reunion was opened at 3 p.m. Together 50 people bearing the family name of Souhrada or having this name in their family tree were present. Each of them could find themself in the displayed family trees covering now more than one thousand persons as from 1560. Based on the last research, the complete roots of Souhrada belong to the parsonage of Horní Záhoří and later to the parsonage of Chřešťovice.

Distinguished guests have been welcome in our reunion, the friends from Spillville and Protivin, visiting Písek within these days, The President of The Heritage Club Mike Klimes and the members of the club “Our Czech Heritage
Eileen Tlusta and Linus Voves.

The further distinguished member of our clan, Mr. Dr. Josef Souhrada, director of an insurance company in Vienna, whose grandparents left for Vienna in 1902 from Dolní Záhoří 27, has paid a visit to the reuion.

Vojta Souhrada, an experienced translator and interpreter, has shown his mastery of English and German again.

Jirka and Jana Souhrada from Týn nad Vltavou came as usual and brought beautiful souvenirs with them, this time absolutely marvellous ceramic richly decorated bells. Further clan members came from Všeteč, Chomutov, Pilsen, Tachov, Chrastiny, Záhoří, Zvíkov, Hrazánky, Písek and Bernartice.

It was a pleasure to welcome the genealogist, historician, author of the popular radio show of Radio České Budějovice and the same name bearing booklet The Roots, all in one, Mr. Mgr. Alois Sassmann from Malšice by Tábor.

The Souhradas from Slovakia have sent their apologies, some other members as well, but, hopefully, we shall shake hands with all of them next time. We have received a few best regards from our compatriots from the USA and are also looking forward to meet them face to face here in Bohemia.

The youngest participant was the three years old Tomáš Souhrada from Zvíkov, the oldest Vašek Souhrada from Dolní Záhoří 27 who became a happy and proud grandpa a few weeks ago.

Radka and Milan Vaněček have prepared fantastic liver sausages and perfect service, Jiří Souhrada moderated the meeting and assisted the guests in going through the family trees. Part of the meeting was transmitted directly by The Radio České Budějovice, further part was transmitted afterwards. Further interview and transmission is reckoned with in frame of The Roots project. The article covering the reunion has been published in the local newspaper together with the respective photos.

We would like to pronounce our sincerest thanks to all participants for their coming. In the same way, we are looking forward to the coming, already 7th, Reunion of Souhradas in 2012, that will probably take place in Horní Záhoří by Písek.


Jiří Souhrada, Písek