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2012 Souhrada Family Reunion – the 7th reunion held in the Czech Republic

Bernartice, Czech Republic

The 2012 Souhrada Family Reunion was held on September 15, 2012 in Bernartice Gym, Czech Republic
Hosted by Jiri and Vera Souhrada 

This time, the Reunion took place in the village of Bernartice, from the historical point of view an interesting place between the cities of Písek and Tábor. The families of Souhrada are present in Bernartice and the nearby village of Srlín even in more branches, the Miller family of Srlín has come from Horní Záhoří and the family of Souhrada Hlavatý from Jamný (including the well-respected mayor of Bernartice, Mr. Pavel Souhrada).

The Reunion has been accompanied with a few exhibitions, one of them, situated in the gym, shows how rich the history of the Souhrada’s, not only in Bohemia and Europe, but especially in the U.S.A., where the major part of our clan that have left to find a new home is located.

The further exhibition, situated in the Library of Bernartice, was the typical one showing, under the name of “The landscape of South Bohemia”, the attractive paintings of the local artist and our friend Mr. Valentin Horba.

The third exhibition, organized in the local Library as well, describes the emigration from the region of Písek to America between 1850 and 1900.

The Reunion itself has been accompanied with the music of the Evergreen Band of Mr. Václav Pipek.  Mrs. Blanka Musílková (born Souhradová) demonstrated production of glass artifacts.

The main cultural program was nevertheless presented by the folkloric group of Písečan that has already toured almost half of this Earth with its dancing and singing show. They were in Sardinia and China within the last couple of months. Their show presented on the occasion of our Reunion was absolutely brilliant.

A total of 55 people have taken part in this 47th reunion, with many of them bearing the family name of SOUHRADA or SOUHRADOVÁ, plus 30 musicians and dancers.

We enthusiastically welcomed the Souhrada’s from the U.S.A. and France. Mrs. June Blaire (Souhrada) from San Diego, California and William Miller from Cleveland, Ohio, a teacher, who has for the whole year been preparing for this occasion even learning the Czech language!  Mr. Miller has prepared an extended study on the family of Souhrada that left from Třešeň No. 18 (a village close to Horní Záhoří near Písek) for America.

Mr. Václav Souhrada who, a few weeks ago, celebrated his 90th Birthday, arrived, together with his daughter Anne and son Frank, from Paris. He met here again his cousin Václav Souhrada from Prague, even by one year older (91 years in 2012), a retired musician of the famous Gustav Brom orchestra. Anne and Frank were born in Paris and this was their first (hopefully not the last) participation of our Reunion. Anne has had a dance with the professional dancers of the folkloric group and Frank was also in a good mood enjoying the Czech beer as well. Their roots are situated by the Blanice river, close to the city of Protivín, where numerous water mills were in ownership of their ancestors.

The further Souhrada’s, Eduard with his family, arrived from Chomutov, Jirka Souhrada from Prague, Vojta Souhrada also from Prague (as usually, his interpretation from Czech to English and vice versa was absolutely perfect), the further Souhrada from Pilsen, Písek, Bernartice, Srlín, Zvíkov, Vlastec, Nevězíce, Chrastiny and Putim. Jirka Souhrada from Týn nad Vltavou has completed the memorial medals. Václav with Zdena of Dolní Záhoří, Václav with Zdeňka from Hrazánky make also regular participants of our Souhrada Reunions

Based on the wish of Hanka and Maruška Souhrada originating from Putim, the next Reunion, the 8th one, in 2014, will be organized in Putim by Písek.


Jiří Souhrada, Písek – Czech Republic