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2014 Souhrada Family Reunion – the 8th reunion held in the Czech Republic

Putim, Czech Republic

The 2014 Souhrada Family Reunion was held on Saturday, September 13 and Sunday, September 14, 2014 in the Village Putim, near Písek, Czech Republic. 
Hosted by Jiri Souhrada and Mrs. Hanka Vondráčková

The 8th reunion of Souhrada’s took place this year in the village of Putim close to the city of Písek. The village of Putim is well-known thanks to the novel of Jaroslav Hašek – The events of The Good Soldier Josef Shweik during the first World War. The reunion was organized by Jiří Souhrada together with Mrs. Hanka Vondráčková from Putim. Attending were 70 participants bearing the name of Souhrada, or belonging to the clan of Souhrada, who gathered in the cultural hall of the local office of Putim.

First, the local writer Mrs. Jaroslava Pixová showed us around this picturesque village; the program continued with an exhibition covering emmigration to America from the region of Písek, and last but not least, an exhibition of paintings by the local painter Mr. Valentin Horba.

A talk by Mr. Petr Matouš, the mayor of Putim followed, as well as addresses of Mr. Horba and Mr. Jiří Souhrada, who welcomed the participants and reviewed the remaining program for the reunion.  He also noted that we have now completed tracing of the further relationship lines from Putim, Bechyně a Dolní Záhoří.

Several families from Iowa have taken part this year, successors of Jan and his son Václav Souhrada from Dolní Novosedly No. 2, Mr. and Mrs. Darrell and Donna Souhrada, their daughter Michelle, her husband Steve Klusner and their three children. Mr. William Miller Souhrada came to us from Cleveland, Ohio, and our friends from Spillville and Protivín, Iowa, Mr. Michael Klimesh and Mrs. Eileen Tlusty.

From Sweden, came the genealogist and old friend Zdeněk (Mauglí) Hajný, and  from Vienna, Austria Mr. Josef Souhrada along with his family, paid their visit to our reunion.

Further Souhradas attended from Písek, Dolní Záhoří, Chrastiny, Putim, Chrášťany, Chomutov, Česká Lípa, Týn nad Vltavou, Všeteč, Bernartice, Srlín, Praha.

After the initial toast and greetings, the participants were informed regarding the history of our clan from 1550 to 1900, when our ancestors lived in the area between the rivers of Vltava and Otava; later in Jamný, Záhoří and further small villages close to the city of Písek.

The numerous groups of Souhrada left for America from 1865 to 1890. We have found another member of the clan of Souhrada, whose daughter is married and living in Alaska, where there is even a street named Souhrada there, from the previous times.

Furthermore, the daughter of Pavel Souhrada from Bernartice, was married in India, so our clan is represented even there. We were unaware of the fact how numerous our relatives from Všeteč are. A reunion of Souhradas has taken place even there, with more than 40 participants; the successors of the branch of Všeteč.  Thanks to Máša Anděrová Souhradová, our representation in Všeteč is very strong.

Sad events have met our clan as well, so we gave a memory to the clan members having passed away, Václav Souhrada from Paris and Václav Souhrada from Slovakia. We are missing you!

In the frame of the further cultural program, the top bluegrass group KVINTET from Písek presented some excellent music, and the dance group Osm a půl opice (eight and half ape) a nice dancing show.

In the evening, in the Boarding House of Putim, the Souhradas from the mill of Srlín played their accordions, together with Jiří and Vojta with their guitars.

The Sunday program continued with Mass in the local church, and the closing party in the boarding house.

The next Réunion will také place probably in Horní Záhoří, in September, 2016.


Jiří Souhrada, Písek

Thank you to all of those contributing photos of this year’s event.  If you have additional pictures of the event that you would like to share, please send an email to the webmaster. Additional details will be posted here as they become available.

2014-09-13 Souhrada Reunion - CZ (29) (640x480).jpg
Jiří Souhrada, the host of our reunions in the Czech Republic

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