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2016 Souhrada Family Reunion – the 9th reunion held in the Czech Republic

Křižatka - Chrastiny, Czech Republic

The 2016 Souhrada Family Reunion was held on Saturday, September 10 and Sunday, September 11, 2016 at the Hunter’s chalet Chrastiny, near Písek, Czech Republic. 
Hosted by Jiri Souhrada

The 9th reunion in the Czech Republic was held at the same place and exactly 16 years from the first Reunion in 2000. 35 family members gathered, coming from various ends of Bohemia, the furthest one from Sweden, particularly Mr. Zdeněk Hajný, where the relationship with the Souhrada family existed 300 years ago, when Mr.Vít Souhrada married Miss Lidmila Skala belonging to the family of his mother named Skala. The Souhradas from Austria, Slovakia and USA  have apologized for their absence this time. Their friends from Iowa have nevertheless come - Mr. Mike Klimesh from Spilville and Eileen Tlusty from Protivin, Iowa. Both of them are interested in the relationship investigation and their loose relationship to the Souhradas is doubtless.

Jarda Souhrada from Tachov has made the program more picturesque as he arrived in his own plane at the airport in nearby Strakonice. When leaving he took a photo of the whole group from the air. He has also brought pleasure to the participants with the Souhradovice - original plum brandy made by Souhradas.  The other Suhradas or Souhradas coming from the genealogically discovered branch of Vodňany and Protivín have also been well represented. Their ancestors, the millers from along the river of Blanice, sometimes changed the name of Souhrada to Suhrada. We are pleased with their interest in our family history.

As usually the Souhradas from Všeteč have not disappointed us. Mrs. Maruška Anděrová – Souhradová very carefully works around the history of the Souhradas from Všeteč and Týn nad Vltavou. Jiří and Jana Souhrada belonging to this branch, have completed fantastic memorial ceramic figures of mini Souhradas. Besides the ceramic figures, an order of T-shirts has been palced with our Souhrada logo. Unfortunately, we have anticipated some 50 to 60 participants, so, some of them have not yet found a home.

Generally, the members from nearby have stayed at home, nevertheless, who has come, has not regretted. Mr. Eduard  Souhrada, even if disabled, has come from the faraway city of Chomutov, as well as Mr. Zdeněk Hajný from the Swedish Trelleborg. Traditional participants Václav and Zdeňka Souhrada from Dolní Záhoří came as well. Major part of the Souhradas from Bernartice and Putim have stayed at home this time.

As usual, the program was opened by the lady pipers from Strakonice, the history of the Souhrada family was reviewed, a traditional exhibition was displayed, the novelties of our families have been shared, and paintings of South Bohemia by Valentin Horba have been exhibited and offered for sale. Further entertainment took place through musical group Duo Vlasatý playing folk songs late into the night for all survivors (some of them singing until the very end).

On Sunday, we visited Vašek Souhrada in Dolní Záhoří, as well as an interesting small chapel, the cemetery and the church, the old chalets of Souhrada in the nearby villages. This trip has closed the Reunion and, if healthy enough, we would like to gather again on the occassion of the 10th reunion in 2018, most probably in Písek.

We thank all partcipants and strongly believe more of us will gather next time.

Jiří Souhrada, Písek

Jiří Souhrada, and his wife Vera, the hosts of our reunions in the Czech Republic (standing) with the pipers from Strakonice

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